Did you know Tote Bag dates back to the 1940s? Before it came to be known as the tote, it had a different name. Its journey has been quite fascinating and has evolved in design and sizes over decades. 

History of Tote Bag

L.L. Bean came up with the ingenious concept of an 'ice bag', which simplified transporting ice from the car to the freezer. However, its sturdiness, resilience and convenience captured the public’s attention and thus began the journey of the tote bag. Soon, everyone was carrying it for groceries and within a few years it evolved into a fashion statement. The 1960s and 1980s saw more designs, colours, and materials popularising the tote. 

Today, the tote is a versatile accessory utilised for different purposes and comes in various shapes. Initially created with canvas, jute or cotton material. It has evolved since and now we also have vegan leather totes, perfect for professional settings, accommodating all your workplace essentials including the laptop. 

Why do people love the Tote?

  1. Full of space 


Ever since its inception, the tote bag's spacious feature has left a lasting impression, a quality that fashion brands have preserved while experimenting with designs and shapes. Tote bags have ample space to carry your laptop, lunch, wallets, notebooks, important documents, water bottles, and other essentials. Some of them have separate zippers, ensuring easy organisation. 

Many people carry canvas tote bags, which are perfect for shopping for groceries and daily essentials. Its roomy design effortlessly accommodates all kinds of items. 

  1. Timeless  

Its enduring open-top, study handles and expansive design will never change, as long as people have things to carry. The tote bag will never stop being a part of our daily lives. Irrespective of the fashion trends, the tote bags' timeless design becomes a fashion statement for every year. 

  1. Durable & Value for Money

Once you invest in a good quality tote bag, it can last for years. Their longevity makes them worth every penny. It reduces the need for frequent replacements unless you’re looking for a new design. 


  1. Endless Choices

Almost every brand sells tote bags as part of their collection and creates various designs like solid colour, patterns, beads, canvas and more. Some of these brands even feature environmentally themed bags like “Save the Earth”, “Save Our Seas" and more. 


  1. Fashionable

Once known only for its utilitarian rather than design, tote bags have come a long way. Today, they’re a fashion statement, successfully blending spaciousness and style. Imagine wearing the perfect outfit for a meeting and elegantly carrying a classy tote bag instead of a backpack. 

  1. Versatile

You can carry a tote bag everywhere without a second thought - whether you’re heading to work, meeting friends, a tote bag is the perfect companion for your office essentials and make-up kit or even clothing. It’s also perfect for beach days and short vacations

With the festive season around the corner, we recommend treating yourself to a tote bag to simplify your life. Their practicality, adaptability, chic designs and sturdy quality will undoubtedly sweep you off your feet.