Do you still use animal-skin leather? Have you ever felt a pinch of guilt wondering about all the animals hurt in the process? Then, take a step back and explore the world of vegan leather

What is vegan leather?

What is vegan leather

It's a polymer made from innovative and sustainable materials like apple peels, pineapple leaves, and recycled plastic and looks exactly like leather. Other terms for vegan leather often used by people are faux leather or synthetic leather. 

The best part about artificial leather is that no animals get harmed, and the customers get a leather bag with no guilt whatsoever. Good quality faux leather bags have a chic and sleek appearance making them similar to actual leather. 

Are you interested in finding out more? Keep reading our seven persuasive reasons, and we know eventually you'll want to embrace vegan fashion for all your bag needs. 

7 Reasons to Choose Vegan Bags

Guilt-free & cruelty-free 

7 Reasons to Choose Vegan Bags

Vegan leather eliminates the cruel practice of using animal skin for manufacturing bags. Many brands have moved towards vegan leather to protect animals and make their brands guilt-free. Bags made with artificial leather give the customers a sense of relief from the guilt they would often carry along with actual leather bags. 

Many founders are starting their companies with the pledge of providing cruelty-free bags to everyone, including IMARS. They believe in more fashion, less guilt!

Appearance like genuine leather

Good vegan leather has the same texture, feel and appearance as genuine leather. Many leather experts have stated that the resemblance between actual and fake leather is hard to distinguish. Today's modern technology and advancement helps make them perfect and provide consumers with the quality they've always had. The coating on faux leather helps make it waterproof and clean by using a mild detergent or wiping it with a damp cloth. 

Environment friendly

Environment friendly

The right kind of vegan handbags made with recycled materials and fruit waste is a top-notch choice for people who care about the environment and animals. The preparation of artificial leather involves many eco-friendly fibres like cork, recycled rubber, coconut, apple, and pinatex. 

All these fibres have their benefits like cork is quirky and recyclable, recycled rubber is durable and easy to care for, and apple-skin leather has a paper-like feel but looks similar to original leather. 

Less expensive 

Every leather bag in the world may have cost you a big hole in your pocket, but vegan bags will not do that. Vegan is easier on the pocket and provides you with similar quality. Animal-based leather always costs more due to the expenses involved in making them. With artificial leather, you won't have to worry about that. 

With vegan bags, consumers get a luxury bag with a sleek texture at a reasonable cost which helps the environment and saves them a lot of cash. 

Completely versatile

With artificial leather, designers and artisans get much more creative freedom to adjust the bag in various ways. It's possible to mould each for a vegan leather bag from the look, texture, and aesthetics to composition. These bags come in many types of shades and forms. 

Durable Designs 

IMARS Colossal Slick Tote - Rustic Brown 

The use of ethical materials to create vegan bags increases their longevity. Also, when you take proper care of the bag, it stays with you for a long time and makes them a pretty investment. Each season you can style the bag with different outfits and create a new look for yourself. 

Stunning Colours

Authentic vegan bags come in various eye-catching colours that pair well with your outfits and are ever-lasting. The colour consistency of these bags makes them a great accessory, and the shades are easy to pull off. 

Many brands are exploring new bag shapes and creating shades based on the season. IMARS is one brand which rolls out new collections every season made from vegan leather.  

Now that you know the reasons behind buying faux leather bags, explore some different types of best vegan bags that have made their way in 2022: 

Crescent Shaped Bags

Crescent Basket Bag- Violet

Bucket Shaped Bags

 IMARS Urban Tribe Bucket Bag Print Blue Yellow

Woven Basket Bags 

IMARS Wooden Bag- Brown

Mini Crossbody Bags

IMARS Mini Croc Case

Fanny Pack Bags 

IMARS Fanny Pack Blue

Weekend Bags 

IMARS Canvas Weekender

These stunning shapes are in trend, and most fashionistas carry them to brunch, parties, meetings and more. It's your chance to flaunt a bag with confidence that you know is cruelty-free and guilt-free. We look forward to living in a world where consumers care about the bags they use and fashion experts manufacture bags that harm no one. 

In the end, you as a consumer will not just be buying a vegan bag for its versatile design or colour but to create a positive impact and speak in support of the environment and the wildlife. Make the better choice today and see how confident and secure the best vegan bag makes you feel.