The tote is one of the most popular and utterly convenient bags. It is functional, easy and elegant in design. This bag is spacious enough to carry your laptop, make-up pouch, phone, charger, wallet, notebooks and much more. Brands craft totes as sturdy in structure and shape and give them a solid strap to make it easier for you to carry the heavy load. 

Tote Bags

Tote bags have been around since the 1940s, and their style, shape, and categories have only evolved over the years. When you search online or look for it at stores, you'll find out that there are different types of tote bags, but the ones perfect for your office are vegan leather tote bags.  

Keep on reading to find out why tote bags would be the ideal choice for your workplace:  

Looks Professional

Most brands craft vegan leather tote bags with Croco-pattern or a sleek solid colour for a professional and classy vibe. You can carry it to the meetings while travelling from one destination to another. A tote bag also makes it convenient to keep all your work-related items like a laptop, notebook, make-up, office phone, wallet and more. 

Boosts Confidence 

When you pair the vegan leather tote bag with your professional attire, it internally boosts your confidence. You feel more ready to have a successful meeting and lead the presentation with complete trust in yourself. 

Spacious & Stylish

When you walk into work, you want to look professional and organised. A tote bag helps you accomplish that by providing ample space to store all necessary workplace items. They come in different shades and patterns and pair well with your workplace outfits.  

Easy & Comfortable 

The ample space in a tote bag and its shape make it easy to carry the bag by your side. Commuting from home to work becomes simple as you only have to take one bag with you instead of three different ones. It can hold loads of items for work or personal purposes and make your life easy. 

Great Investment

Not only can you carry the tote bags to work, but you could also take it to office parties, outings, conferences and celebratory lunches. It can be taken to any number of occasions and will serve as a great stylish addition to any attire you may pick. 


Organised & Safe

The space in tote bags helps you place all your small items in a separate pouch and then keep it inside. This way, you can keep all your essentials organised, and you won't have to hunt through the entire bag to find that one lipstick or pen. 

tote bags

Now that you know you want a tote bag, simply look for the one you can rely on daily for work. You could go for a bold solid colour bag, a classy pattern one, a tall & wide one or a Croco leather tote bag. Also, remember to store your tote bag properly to maintain its shape and if you're going to use it day-to-day, clean it with a damp cloth once a week.