A good tote bag is found in every household, especially in your mother/sister/wife/daughter’s wardrobe, as it’s an essential piece in a woman’s life. A bag that fits all the on the go essentials and has several different compartments to keep things organised, while still looking chic. Totes come in several sizes, designs, materials and fabrics and there is a tote for every woman’s needs. In today’s time, tote bags have become quite the necessary accessory due to their simple versatility and functionality of use.


These tote bags can easily be customised and personalised to showcase who you are or be bought from several designers to make an impactful statement while still taking care of the environment. These bags can be dressed up with more formal outfits or down depending on the event. Available in a range of sizes in high quality material, a canvas bag can be used for a wide variety of occasions.


As a working woman, finding the right sized bag can sometime be frustrating and one ends up carrying multiple bags to the office, creating a complicated system to carry workout wear, tech devices, a packed lunch basket, and cosmetics. Many woman end up abandoning any effort to look elegant and dainty on their commute. They often turn to men’s bag brands for functionality, carrying sturdy backpacks or laptop bags, and have a separate, fancier bag for smaller items.


What is a tote bag?


A tote is a large bag which can be used for carrying (or toting) lots of things. A bag with large openings on the top for maximum space and ease; a tote bag, is any bag of any size that lacks fasteners other than a pair of parallel handles on both the sides to hold the bag with. The main purpose of a tote bag is to serve as an easy carryall in one, especially during those busy days spent doing many activities back to back. A canvas tote bag, however, is any tote bag made from the good quality, fabric material woven out of cotton, leather or linen.


Tote bags were first invented in the 17th century, but the term “tote”, which means “to carry”, did not become common until the late 1900’s. Particularly in the United States of America tote bags did not reach their popularity until the 1944, when one of the well known apparel company released their now popular Boat Bag. The popular Boat Bag continues to be made from a durable canvas material or faux leather, which has withstood the test of time and is a necessity in everyone’s wardrobe.



Brands like IMARS keep their customers needs in mind and care about the technology that women are carrying to work, creating special compartments for devices and pockets for cards and keys. IMARS bags come with organised sections for sportswear and shoes, but that don’t look like gym bags, so they can be carried with more formal outfits too. We at IMARS have built a whole system of carefully designed bags that are perfect for travel, but that you wouldn’t be embarrassed about carrying to the office. These little touches may seem minuscule and not so important at first but they have a huge impact once you start carrying them.


Normally designers overlook the functionality aspect and focus on aesthetics, but are not really thinking about a modern woman’s daily life and need. Woman want to look great, but they are also professionals with a normal life and jobs to go to. This is where IMARS has a better hold and understands the concerns of their customer base to provide what the people actually want. A good quality tote which can be styled in different ways to match several outfits, spacious compartments to keep things organised, a breathable material that doesn’t put strain on your back or shoulders and a luxurious feel.


Totes can make or break an outfit and are most than just a fashion accessory and more like a dependable travel companion. Making sure we provide the best quality in affordable prices is something we pride ourselves on.