Fashion is ever changing and fluid but it is a great way to express ourselves and our varied personalities through our clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Trends change frequently based on the previous trends, impactful designers and celebrities. Though fashion is subjective to each one, there are some trends that rule the market and impact the choices in stores for the average consumer. Recent trends take inspiration from the 60’s with its bold styles, patterns and colours, which is why neon and polka dots are topping the charts for the current season. Moreover, sustainable and vegan choices are gaining a lot of popularity with designers taking a conscious decision to use fabrics that will not harm the earth and are cruelty-free, making sure that they create pieces that can be worn several times, in different ways. Comfortable fabrics that look stylish and can be dressed up with the appropriate accessories are making a comeback as well, with flared jeans and washed out colours and prints, being fairly popular.An outfit isn’t complete without add on accessories; they can take a look from drab to fab in no time. And, this is where bags come into the picture, they are a staple for every woman to make sure they carry all their handy items from one place to another, while also looking stylish in the process. Bags have been around for centuries, going back the 14th century in Egypt where men and women both carried their fair share of bags. Since pockets weren’t very popular then, both the genders used bags to carry items like coins; after the invention of pockets in the 17th century, bags were mostly carried by women. Looking back from the ancient times to now, bags aren’t just used to carry things around but are also a fashion statement to go with an outfit. Miniature bags are can carry pretty much nothing is in demand at the moment; while on the opposite spectrum very large totes are on the rise too. Today we cannot imagine leaving the house without our bags and IMARS is a great eco-friendly place to search for your style in bags and clutches.   IMARS is an eco-friendly brand that focuses on quality and style but offer a great variety to their clients without breaking the bank. It is established by Ritu Garg in 2018, who made her passion her profession and is extremely passionate to provide great quality and style to every woman who seeks a good bag for any occasion. They source faux leather to make top quality material that is durable and eco-friendly but do not compromise the style and class of their pieces. They create products like hand bags, laptop bags, wallets and purses.   IMARS focuses on Indian craftsmanship and only makes man made products that give employment to several people while also giving attention to detail. The IMARS classic tote offers a great deal of space without using heavy materials that can make the bag heavy. The simple yet sleek design offers great functionality and style making it perfect to keep your daily essentials safe. The colours and patterns that IMARS provides are endless and there is something for everyone!   Backpacks are an essential piece for students who need a hassle free way to carry their supplies and need extreme durability with their accessories. The IMARS patola backpacks come in edgy and funky colours and patterns to match the bold personalities of kids and teenagers. Its chic design makes it comfortable to carry for long hours without hurting the shoulders of the wearer.   Cross Bodies are an absolute trend these days, not only are they a style statement but they can elevate your outfit several notches! Coming in trendy designs that match a variety of looks and occasions, IMARS have an immaculate range of cross-bodies in the market. With its water repelling fabrics and several zips, keeping your makeup, cards and keys handy just become super easy.   Laptops are a boon for every student and working man/woman in today’s world. Keeping your laptops safe while travelling from one place to another is extremely important in today’s fast paced world and our superior quality fabrics, see to it that your electronics remained unharmed. Our fine quality leatherette fabric and high quality metal trims of laptop sleeves make this piece extremely unique and a class apart from anything else you can find in the market. IMARS weekender canvas purses are the perfect partner to your OOTD looks, as they make a statement while still keeping all eyes on you. A travel buddy to your weekend trips, they come in staple colours like black and tan.   Satchel bags have been popular among many generations and are still standing strong; with the bold colours like cherry, in our collection and sturdy designs that can add the glam quotient to your daily wear, IMARS is the best option today. Sling bags are a girls first love, it is their prized possession and is a handy way to keep the essentials in place. With it’s back pockets for easy access and stylish front clasps, IMARS sling bags make a must have wardrobe accessory.   Bags are more than just an accessory for men and women; it’s more of a need of the hour. The trust in brands that provide good quality pieces to suit every need and concern but still keeping papertyper the style quotient high is unique and goes a long way. At IMARS we take quality and the trust of our consumers very seriously and will provide the best always.