A jet-setter is a cylindrical bag that is made out of cloth, with a string closure at the top. They are softer bags but are extremely easy to carry, spacious and are versatile with their usage. They are also referred to as “weekenders” and are extremely popular among sports persons, hikers or people who are on the go because of the comfort factor. They serve as a perfect bag for someone who needs to pack and unpack quickly, needs space for their essentials and values the dependable nature and durability of the duffel bag.


The origin of the word duffel dates back to 1677 when a coarse woollen material was used in export due to its durable qualities. The material was then used for men in the army due to its spaciousness and how one could lay it flat if it is empty and fill it up quickly. After it got popular in the Second World War and its demand hiked up, different sizes and designs were found in the market and surfers and in California and Australia started to carry it like a fashion accessory. Since then, duffel bags have been the number one choice for those who prefer the on the go lifestyle.


The bag takes its name from the material from which it was originally made, but in todays time duffel bags are made with a varied range of materials. A good duffel bag will have a strong durable stitching and be made from a good quality and long lasting material like canvas or leather. Traditional duffel bags are carried by their draw string, but this could get uncomfortable to carry a heavy bag hence more modern bags have heavy and sturdy handles. A good quality duffel bag will use sturdy fittings and strong zips that make it is the perfect bag for jet setters.


In many ways, a duffel bag is the perfect bag to use as a carry-on, because of its durable exterior, as it can be part filled and squashed to mould into any particular airline baggage requirements. It’s not the most ideal choice if you require your garments to arrive in a crisp state, but if you want a bag that will accommodate all your last-minute essentials or holiday purchases then you definitely need a Jet-Setter, a bag where you can always squeeze in those extra bits. The duffel is a versatile and dependable travel companion, quick to pack and easy to carry in a hurry.


From tennis to basketball, duffel bags are extremely important for sports and exercise. The perfect-size and portability of duffel bags makes them easy to fill with any needed gear and throw over your shoulder on the way to any big game or adventure. Duffel bags make an ideal gym bag as well because they’re extremely spacious and easy to clean and store. They can hold gym clothes and essentials, an extra set of casual clothes, shoes and personal items, such as toiletries. Duffel bags generally fit into the gym lockers because of their size, so you can carry all your things with you on the go and keep them safe and secure.


The IMARS weekender is a perfect sized bag that fits the fashionista and the travel lover equally, providing comfort, style, personality and dependability, all in one! With its unique design, comfortable handles, and stylish clasps, the Imars Jet-setter makes for a great bag for travel without having to compromise on style. The great spacious compartments help keep everything organised but also fit tonnes of essentials like electronics, travel diaries, cosmetics, keys and your phone.


The IMARS canvas weekender comes in different colours like olive, blue and tan that can match any outfit or occasion. You have the option to carry it with the shoulder strap or using the handles, depending on personal preference. For a jet-setter, quality is of utmost priority and that is exactly what IMARS believes in providing for its customers. Our customers treat our bags as their safe place to carry their Jewelery, electronics and travel essentials, as they trust the brand and our supreme service.


All in all, duffel bags are an essential in everyone’s wardrobe for on the go activities, sports or as a fashion accessory. Find the duffel bag that suits your personality and style from IMARS. Trust us, we totally vouch for them; they make for a great investment too! Make sure to have a look at our site for the best fashion accessories, taking home what every woman calls as, an fashion and functional essential.