There is no bag that is as important as your laptop sleeve if you’re a working woman, who needs her laptop on the go at all times. A laptop sleeve is every working woman’s essential today and given its importance, it is only fair for it to be steeped in quality and an incomparable style aesthetic. A laptop sleeve is ideally a thick foamed bag for your laptop that is meant to carry it and safeguard it while doing so. It is supposed to be your laptop’s skin at all times, indeed. And, that is exactly why it is of extreme importance for you to invest in a laptop sleeve that is of good quality.

A laptop sleeve is ideally a rectangular pouch, usually made of nylon, plastic or leather, meant to fit closely over the skin of your laptop. These laptop sleeves are meant to help with the minimizing of the intensity of debris or dust that your laptop may come into contact with. It also helps protect your laptop against minor knocks and bumps. Nevertheless, the most primary advantage of using a laptop sleeve is the protection from any sort of physical damage to your machine. Given the fact that laptops are so expensive and important pieces to ones work, it is imperative to take good care of them and prevent any damage. By using a good laptop sleeve that is also stylish, you can keep your laptop safe and sound, that too, fashionably. By storing your laptop in a laptop sleeve, you can avoid it from getting in close proximity with the lint found at the bottom of briefcases and bags. In addition to this, some laptop sleeves also come with water-repellent properties, making them all the more reliable and allowing them to be able to protect your laptop from drink spillages or exposure to rain or water by accident.

Imars laptop sleeves comes with all these features of functionality and aesthetic values that make them favourable for all preferences, occasions and style needs. They are engineered from faux leather that and marked by patola prints, exuding elegance and a timeless style. Imars laptop sleeves come in two attractive hues, berry and blue and are enhanced by the Indian print of patola. They are designed using an optimum quality of faux leather and comes with retractable handles and a detachable sling. These IMARS laptop bags bear an attractive print on the front and boast of supreme quality in every way. They are made with fine quality of faux leatherette with water repellent lining fabric and high quality metal trims. The padded sleeve that these laptop sleeves come with are meant to fully protect your laptop/tablet. They also come with top loading, zippered access, so that the laptop and tablet are easily retrievable. These bags have also been designed to be of a slim design to allow one to carry some essentials along with the laptop.